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We are at the gates of Syracuse, a short distance from the sea. A boundless countryside surrounds the resort, a perfect location to discover the beauties of this rich territory, starting from the city of Syracuse. Founded by the Greeks and considered one of the largest metropolises in the ancient world, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005 and retains traces of its ancient history. From the Greek theater to the cathedral, from the Ear of Dionysus to the Pantalica necropolis. As many are the natural beauties to be discovered, such as the beaches of Ortigia, the Arenella Beach or the Cava Grande.


The "White City"

Defined the "White City" for its sandstone that the locals call “giuggiulena”, Syracuse is the lady of the south seas. Considered one of the most powerful metropolises in the ancient world, today it is a beautiful town that carries within it the traces of a thousand-year history. Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2005, this city has an ancient history. It was founded in the eighth century BC from a group of Greek colonists coming from Corinth, over the centuries it has been a hub of political and social life, crossed by great thinkers. From Plato, who visited it 3 times, he tried to establish the ideal State of the Republic here, to Archimedes for whom it was his native land, passing through Cicero and the Apostle Paul, to become the capital of the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century.

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Between the Baroque and the Sea

In addition to Syracuse, there are the pearls of Sicilian Baroque, as Noto, elected "Capital of the Baroque" and whose historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. The streets of the city are so beautiful as to seem unreal, interspersed as they are with spectacular squares and imposing stairways that unite terraces and unevenness between them. There are Marzamemi and Portopalo, which are located at the southernmost point of Sicily. Portopalo is overlooking the sea in front of the island of Capo Passero, a tiny stamp of land in the Ionian Sea, reachable also on foot through a walkway that can only be traveled at low tide. Otherwise the island can be reached from the beach with a canoe, a pedal boat or with the charming fishing boats. A sea with mythological beauty and transparent backdrops. A dream to sail on a sailboat,

A taste of Sicily

Typical Food and Wines

This area of ​​Sicily is also known for its gastronomic culture and its wine. The alternation in the centuries of people who have reached and conquered this city is also discovered in the local gastronomy, the typical dishes have an unmistakable oriental and Mediterranean flavor. The cuisine of Syracuse, thanks to the proximity of the coast, is based on products caught in the sea and combines them with those of the earth, such as products from the nearby Iblei Mountains. Among the many local products appreciated both in Italy and abroad, there are Pachino tomatoes, Avola almonds, Nero d'Avola wine, Sortino honey, lemon and Syracuse's new potato ,the orange/red potato of Sicily.
People who love good food and wine will find a paradise of flavors here, among gastronomy, shops, cellars, and restaurants along the sea.

What to See

With Kids

For children, it is advisable to visit the Puppet Museum, a colorful labyrinth of puppets and scenographies. Or an excursion with a glass- bottomed boat to the Plemmiro marine reserve to admire the rainbow of fish that animate the reserve. Or the excursion to the Ciane River nature reserve and to the Saline of Syracuse, the only place, in addition to the banks of the Nile, where you can touch papyrus, to be completed with a visit to one of the papyrus paper processing laboratories that are in the city.

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